Training on Wildlife investigation through forensic techniques at Brahmapuri division, Chandrapur

With the objectives, educating front-line staff about the significance of wildlife forensic techniques and educate them about the practical implementation of these techniques during research related to wildlife, wildlife investigation and postmortem, two training programs in Brahmapuri division were organized jointly by Maharashtra Forest Department, Wild-CER and WTI.

A study by Wild-CER revealed that laboratory results in most of the mortality cases of free ranging wildlife remain inconclusive due to various reasons. The samples were unfit for laboratory diagnosis in many of the cases due to contamination or inadequate knowledge of collection, labeling, packaging, preservation and transportation of the sample to the laboratory.

In all, 110 front line staff were trained during this training program with practical demonstration of the sample collection, preservation for laboratory diagnosis and DNA analysis. The training briefed on introduction to forensic study and its scope, collection, preservation for various types of examinations to be done, right packaging, labeling and delivery of the samples, scat collection and health monitoring. Demo of sample collection equipment was also given to the participants.

Mr. Kulraj Singh, DCF, Brahmapuri division and ACF Miss Maheshwari extended their support on behalf of Maharashtra Forest Department during the entire training program.

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