Wild-CER is now conservation partner of ASAP, IUCN

Wild-CER is now conservation partner of ASAP, IUCN

We are delighted to announce that Wild-CER is now conservation partner of ASAP, IUCN.

The IUCN SSC Asian Species Action Partnership (ASAP) is an alliance of conservation organisations with the collective aim of focusing urgent conservation attention on the species most at risk of extinction in Southeast Asia. ASAP was formed in recognition of the need to mobilize resources to minimize the number of species extinctions. It is a species-specific emergency call to create conservation action where it is urgently needed.

It recognizes that Southeast Asia is a critical region that without more serious conservation intervention and immediate action, is likely to see the demise of much of its unique biodiversity.

ASAP works across four strategic interventions:

  • Catalysing conservation action – Create an enabling environment to catalyse effective conservation action
  • Increasing financial resources – Increase support available to initiate and scale-up conservation action for ASAP species
  • Building capacity – Strengthen regional conservation capacity and leadership for ASAP species conservation
  • Raising the profile – Raise the profile of ASAP species and the ASAP initiative, and establish ASAP as the go-to-entity for ASAP species conservation.