Hundreds of birds rescued from the destroyed heronary at Chandrapur, Maharashtra

Hundreds of birds rescued from the destroyed heronary at Chandrapur, Maharashtra

Wild-CER treated hundreds of birds from the destroyed heronary

In a heart rendering incident, villagers at Daheli in Chandrapur district, Maharashtra cut down 9 tamarind trees due to foul smelling of the droppings of the birds. Hundreds of nests of cattle egret, little egret, Intermediate egrets, open billed stork and little cormorants were destroyed in this incident. Homeless young birds of these species were seen moving here and there frantically, when Range Forest officer of Ballarpur and volunteers of Eco-pro organization reached on the spot.

They immediately called Dr. Bahar Baviskar, wildlife Veterinarian & Founder Director of Wild-CER for the help. Wild-CER rescue team with its veterinary experts reached on the spot. By this time, Shri. Bandu Dhotre, Honorary Wildlife Warden, Chandrapur and Range Forest Officer of Ballarpur, had rescued hundreds of birds from the heronary and brought themto Karva nursery for the treatment.In all, 152 birds were treated by Dr. Baviskar, Wildlife Veterinarian with Wild-CER,  Dr. Khobragade and the volunteers of Wild-CER and Eco Pro. Hundreds of birds were taken away in the bags by villagers and may be sold for eating purpose later, informed Shri. Dhotre.

Summary of the rescue and rehabilitation mission of the birds from Heronary

Total birds affected = 1500 approximately

Total birds died 521

Total birds treated = 152

Total survived birds = 112

Success rate = 73%



Total 152 birds were brought to nursery for treatment of which forty nine were young one (age less than one week)

Wing fracture treated = 18 birds

Leg fracture cases = 14 birds



Total mortality = 531

170 birds were found dead on the spot at the time of rescue and they mostly included youngone.

240 birds died on the first day by the time all other birds were rescued

81 birds died on the second day.

40 birds died on the third day.